Lehigh Review

Each year for the past twenty-two, Lehigh University has published The Lehigh Review, an entirely student-produced journal of the arts and sciences. Each issue contains some of the best scholarly writing by Lehigh undergraduates.
Any scholarly articles, academic essays or book reviews written for a Lehigh course may be submitted. The Review does not ordinarily accept fiction or poetry.
All submissions should reflect sustained intellectual engagement in any of Lehigh’s many fields of study. We are especially interested in essays that draw from the content or methodology of more than one discipline. The Review expects students to submit well-researched and well-written works that exceed a mere synthesis of existing sources. The Review publishes submissions which demonstrate imagination, original insight and a mastery of the subject.
The following course is offered each Spring:

HUM 224. Lehigh Review (1-4)

Students will produce the annual edition of the Lehigh Review, the journal of undergraduate academic (non-fiction) writing. The production tasks are divided into one 4 credit editorial board and three 1 credit pass-fail modules (reviewing, distribution, images). Students may enroll in either the 4 credit editorial board or in one or more of the 1 credit modules. Admission is by application at the Humanities Center. (HU)
For more information, contact Kyle Brett.