Reading Groups

The Humanities Center provides resources to support reading groups on any subject related to the humanities. The purpose is to bring people together with similar interests to read and discuss a specific book, author or topic.
Submit requests to with the name of your group, the book(s) you plan to read, the approximate costs, and the number of participants who will receive a copy. Please provide additional information such as how often the group will meet, where they will meet and if it is open to everyone at Lehigh or only faculty, graduate students, undergraduates or a specific department.
The group leader buys copies of the book for everyone in the group and, if there is any money left, it can be used for light refreshments for your meetings. Send all receipts to Susan Shell, Coordinator of the Humanities Center. Submit receipts for books as soon as they are received and for any refreshments immediately following the meeting.
Click here to link to the PDF for the Humanities Reading Groups